Fulfillment Farms

About the Farm

In 1997, WFV acquired almost 2,000 acres in Albemarle County near Scottsville. This tract, known as Fulfillment Farms, was a gift from Thomas Forrer, whose grandfather served on the board of the Game Commission from 1933 to 1958. Mr. Forrer's vision for this land was simple - to provide recreational opportunities to outdoor enthusiasts. The Foundation, true to Mr. Forrer's wishes, manages this property for general, no-fee public access. It is widely used for hunting, bird-watching, and hiking. It is a truly beautiful piece of land, with the ability to support many people pursuing many activities.

Fulfillment Farms

Fulfillment Farms is located in Esmont, Virginia, approximately 6 miles west of the town of Scottsville. The terrain varies from vast open fields, to steep wooded slopes. An approximate 200-acre area lies north of Route 6 in Esmont, and encompasses an old slate quarry, as well as a beaver pond complex. The Foundation is pleased to welcome responsible sportsmen and visitors to this property on a year-round basis.

To Visit the Farm

Fulfillment Farms is located in Esmont, Virginia, approximately 6 miles west of Scottsville, along Route 6. From Scottsville, follow Route 6 west out of Scottsville, towards Route 29, for about 5.5 miles. Turn left onto Porter's Road. Follow Porter's Road for approximately 1 mile, and turn right onto Dawson Mill Road. Follow Dawson Mill Road past the "End State Maintenance" and "Welcome to Fulfillment Farms" signs. There is a clearing on the left, with vehicular parking (no trailers, please), and a kiosk with pertinent information posted.

All visitors to Fulfillment Farms, for whatever purpose, must obtain a no-fee permit. We issue two types of permits: a hunting permit, issued per hunting season; and a general use permit for those who wish to hike or bird watch on the property, issued annually.  You can view our Calendar of Events for updated information on happenings at Fulfillment Farms. Please note, however, that the schedule may change at any time. You may download a permit application from the following links:

Hunt Permit Applications - Hunt permit applications may be submitted online by clicking here.  Please note that permit applications must be received on or before September 22, 2017.  After that date, no applications will be accepted. 

General Use Application Package - Please note that general use is prohibited on Fulfillment Farms on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the fall and spring hunting seasons.

If you have any questions or concerns about Fulfillment Farms, please direct them to Jenny West.